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HYPERCHASE; Getting ready for the release... it's going to be good... ;)

INTERCEPTOR; a brand new game for the iPad released today. It's cool - well I think it is.

STRANGE QUARKS; Keep the balance in this conversion of a classic from 2000

Well, I said a new version of Cook's Convertor was coming... it took a little while :) - anyway, here it is updated for the latest iOS and iPhone and iPad users.

A new version of Cook's Convertor is on it's way - and it has some extremely cool new features... Keep watching!

Cook's Convertor released!  Fantastic intuitive UI means it's certain to be the best convertor utility on the iTunes store.

Firebricks version 1.1.8 released with several enhancements to the fun..!

Firebricks (version 1.1.6), a cool new game for the iPhone and iPod has been released.

Happy 10th birthday TheMatrix screensaver!  Still the best after a whole decade.  Thank you to all the thousands who have sent me messages of thanks down the years.  I'm finally thinking of doing a Linux and Mac version of the screensaver just for a laugh.  If you'd like to see that, then let me know.  And remember if you love the screensaver you can still donate ! ;)

Version 1.12 of TheMatrix screensaver is available, with a reworked phone scan section that is now more like the movie plus numerous other tweaks...

After years struggling to publish my stories, I decided to go and do it myself.  So here is one of my first; Pegleg Percy and the Children's Book of Pyrates soon available on Amazon.  You can read about it here. Hopefully I will publish some of my other work soon.

Updated Polyzorg to version 1.04.01.

Updated contact page with new profile ;-)

Updated Polyzorg to version 1.03.01

Added Polyzorg for download

Added supplimentary domain names,

17/03/2007 Added Chain Reaction for download.

17/03/2007 Added It's Terminal for download.

12/03/2007 Multi-monitor Matrix screensaver is here! Enjoy.

25/01/2007 An astonishing six and a half years later... this is not really news, but just to say thank you to all those who had emailed asking for a multi-monitor version of the TheMatrix screen saver. There isn't one I'm afraid, things have been really busy around here, but I do hope to get round to it eventually, honestly...

20/03/2004 I have to appologize to all the (thousands) of people who have been sending me thank-you emails about TheMatrix screensaver. I cannot possibly reply to it all, but your thanks are appreciated.

30/04/2002 Managed to resolve the impending doomsday senario of running out of bandwidth but transferring files to another server which has a lot more headroom. My appologies to anyone who tried to download anything in the last couple of days.

16/01/2002 Updated TheMatrix screen saver to version 1.05

11/12/2001 Added new version of Network Go (1.04)

04/11/2001 Added Network Go version 1.03 to the downloads page

12/08/2001 Added TheMatrix screen saver version 1.04 to the downloads page


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