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Meticulous Software prides itself on careful design, attention to detail and intuitiveness of its software.

Phil Symons founded the Meticulous Software website in 1999 as a showcase and outlet for personal projects, and has been responsible for the long standing and finest Matrix screensaver and subsequently many other applications

Since the Smartphone era began, Phil has worked on several iPhone Apps including one of the most popular conversion utilities on the iTunes store; Cook's Convertor.

About Phil Symons

Phil Symons has worked in the software industry for 30 years, having started writing computer games on the ZX Spectrum and SAM Coupe personal computers in the early 1990s.

Subsequently Phil has worked for several cutting-edge technology companies including pre-eminent companies in the medical research arena, architecting and developing unique and sophisticated solutions for many novel imaging and graphics products. More recently Phil was chief engineer and Head of Mobile development at one of the world's pioneering Augmented Reality companies.

Attention to detail, professionalism, and focussed customer awareness has resulted in many industry leading and intuitive user interfaces and solutions and has won much praise from clients for his efforts in meeting customer requirements.

To get in touch, just send email to the address below:

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phil at the meticulous-software address

Please feel free to email me, but I can't guarantee to reply to all.


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