PeglegPercyCBOP Cover

Pegleg Percy and the Children's Book of Pyrates

By Phil Symons

Questions, questions...

There are many facing an aspiring pirate.  What, for example, is the correct etiquette for walking the plank, and is burial really the most efficient way to hide treasure or dirty laundry?  Puzzles indeed, and for Percy his quest for the answers is hindered only by his squeamishness, politeness, and of course, the day job.

But when he accidentally finds himself to be the most notorious pirate on the high seas and in possession of one of the most mysterious and valuable treasures in all the Heinish Islands, only one question remains; how should he return it to its rightful owner?

The search for the answer brings chaos and lunacy rivalled only by the exploits of the legendary Orange Beard the ‘Orrific.  Yet, even when things seem to be at their darkest, when the storms are closing in, and when all the world is against you, advice can always be found in the Children’s Book of Pyrates.

[Paperback - 338 pages]

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